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The Importance of Lawn Care

Lawn care is the basis to maintaining a beautiful home, and lawn mowing is regarded as the single most important step in proper lawn care. Not only is a healthy, cared-for lawn impressive to look at, it provides your family with a great place to play and relax. It can also raise your property value.

A well maintained lawn has many benefits, including:
-cosmetic benefits: a well manicured and orderly appearance can bring much satisfaction
-eliminate pests from the grass
-healthy lawn is cooler than the soil alone
-lawns give off oxygen and soak up toxic gases
-prevents runoff and erosion of top soil
-efficiently absorbs rainfall


Effective fertilizers have a proper balance of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium for strong roots. Water and fertilizer work together to provide the necessary nutrients to maintain a great looking yard. We have years of experience in knowing what is best for your yard!

About Dependable Lawn Care

Dependable Lawn Care, locally owned and operated in Adams, TN, has years of experience in lawn care and lawn maintenance. We will meticulously maintain your yard like it was our own! We are dedicated to your satisfaction and won't be happy until you are happy. We offer short-notice lawn care as well as long-term maintenance schedules to help your yard looking as beautiful as possible.

You can count on us for dependable lawn care. Large or small, we will maintain your yard and make it look incredible!

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